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The Latest Technology for A Picture-Perfect Complexion
Fighting the visible signs of aging is a lifelong pursuit for many. Many have given up, assuming it is a pointless effort because it is based on genetics. In truth, only 10%-15% of skin aging is driven by genetics or the passage of time.  Since we cannot change our genes,  the true focus should be on external influences. In fact, 85-90% of all skin aging is a direct result of factors that are mostly within our control - things such as diet, smoking, exposure to the sun,  pollution, etc. Repeated long-term sun exposure is the primary cause of premature aging.

UV light from the sun causes the pigment cells to produce too much pigment, which results in the formation of freckles and age spots. Damage from UV light also accelerates the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers which then lads to wrinkles, deeper lines and sagginess.

Photorejuvenation was developed  as an innovative method to reveal clearer, healthier and youthful  skin.

The Palomar ICON Laser  is one of the most powerful aesthetics light systems in the world. Its advanced lighting allows patients to achieve outstanding results in a short period of time. Most patients will see significant improvement in just one treatment. For optimal results, we generally recommend two to four treatments.

Palomar ICON photofacials help correct a number of unsightly skin conditions, including:

  • Freckling
  • Telanglectasia
  • Rosacea
  • Angiomas
  • Hemangiomas
  • Reticular Veins
  • Port Wine Stains.

Photofacials remove unwanted redness and brown spots on your skin, taking years off your appearance. It improves skin texture, stimulates skin cell growth and enhance collagen production, resulting in clearer, smoother and younger–looking skin.

At SKinov8ive, we are experts at using the Palomar ICON laser system. Our knowledge and experience, combined with superior technology,  provides consistently beautiful results.